Company Name 株式会社 鶴見製作所
Established  12-Feb-48
Substantial Surviving Company January 5, 1924
Incorporated as a limited company in December 24, 1951
Scope of Business
Production, purchasing, sale (including import and export) and leasing of our flagship submersible pumps, various other pumps, environmental equipment and peripheral equipment; associated repair and after-sales service; installation of machinery and equipment; civil engineering work; electrical work; piping work; construction of water supply facilities; construction of wastewater treatment facilities; construction of steel structures; sale of secondhand; and leasing of fixed assets
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          Tsurumi Pump is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality pumps for various applications such as construction, mining, wastewater management, and more. It’s great to hear that YONG HONG is a authorized importer of Tsurumi Pump, as it means they can offer their customers reliable and efficient pumping solutions.

As a authorized importer of Tsurumi Pump, YONG HONG should be able to provide their customers with access to a wide range of Tsurumi Pump products, along with expert advice and support. This can include helping customers to choose the right pump for their specific needs, providing maintenance and repair services, and offering spare parts and accessories.

If you have any specific questions about YONG HONG’s partnership with Tsurumi Pump or need assistance with purchasing a Tsurumi Pump, I suggest reaching out to YONG HONG directly.